Best Versions And Benefits Of A Queen Size Mattress

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Choosing a bed for your room can be confusing sometimes. There are many options available when we look for variety, but still, it is tough to choose a size that will meet your needs of space on the bed and off the ground. We all want a spacious bedroom, but if our room is small, then having a large-sized bed such as king size can be a little non-aesthetic since it will leave no space uncovered in the place. In such situations, queen size mattress size is the best option since it provides enough space on the bed for two people to sleep, and it does not overcrowd the small room like king size bed does. There are few subcategories of a queen size mattress, and bed frames can be made accordingly. We will tell you here about the best versions and the benefits of a queen size mattress. Dimensions of a queen size mattress vary from 60 to 66 inches wide and 80 to 84 inches long. Its thickness is between 5 to 16 inches normally. The thickness or depth of a mattress is an essential feature in the mattress to consider. People having backbone issues or bone ache problems usually prefer deeper mattresses than others. Deeper mattresses provide more comfortable sleep than thinner mattresses.

Standard Queen Mattress

The standard queen mattress is 60 inches wide and 60 inches long. Its depth varies from 9 to 16 inches depending upon the design and the usage of the mattress. You can purchase a standard queen mattress from your chosen center. It is a larger mattress than the double mattress and a little smaller than the king-size mattress.

Olympic Queen Mattress

Olympic queen mattress’s dimensions are 80 x 66 inches. Its depth is the same as standard size and varies from 9 to 16 inches. You can buy this one in your specified depth as per your choice. The Olympic queen mattress is 6 inches wider than the standard one; hence it provides more space in width for two people to sleep comfortably.

California Queen Mattress

Another beautiful type of queen mattress is the California queen. It is longer than both the standard queen and the Olympic queen, and its width is the same as of traditional queen size mattress. It is 84 inches long, providing more foot space, and is 60 inches wide. The depth of this mattress also varies from 9 to 16 inches.

Benefits Of A Queen Size Mattress

Queen size mattress has many advantages over double bed and king size mattress. Its size is bigger than the double mattress or twin size mattress and smaller than the king mattress. It provides enough space for two people to sleep in comfortable positions without hitting each other while changing sleeping positions. Besides, it gives enough space in the room for additional furniture and is best for small rooms. If one has a small room and wants open space or leftover space for other items in the room, then this mattress and bed frame is best. It is also very comfortable to sleep on queen size mattresses due to their thickness.